Georgia Medicaid Announces Changes in Attestation Policy
To Resolve Location Issues; “Newly-Licensed” also Clarified

The Georgia Medicaid program (Department of Community Health –DCH) shared with us yesterday a Banner Message which describes their new policy on resolving the attestation problems due to a change in provider location; and also clarified that newly licensed providers on January 1, 2015 or later, may also attest for the enhanced rates.

First, regarding the location issue, the policy addresses the cases where physicians and other providers who were attested but moved offices, expanded/opened a new office, or did not attest all their providers at all practice locations. Now they will be attested in the Medicaid FFS, and thus receive the enhanced Medicaid fee schedule on a prospective basis from March 1. Then by the end of this month, Medicaid FFS will do a mass adjustment to retro the difference back to July 1, 2017.

Actions by CMO’s re. Location issues: Each of the Medicaid CMO’s will follow FFS and also update their systems to reflect these new attestations for enrolled physicians and other providers. Once updates have been completed and new payments made on a real-time basis (from March 1), then each of the CMOs will also implement mass adjustments for impacted claims back to July 1, 2017.


Secondly, the banner message clarifies that providers licensed in Georgia on 1-1-15 or later, are now able to attest. The Medicaid web portal is now reconfigured to do this. We urge any provider who has been impacted this way to re-visit the portal and attest soon. If you encounter any difficulty, please contact us.


Finally, we know there are still some providers with situations that make them unable to attest. We will continue to work on those cases with DCH. We appreciate the help of DCH in addressing this long-standing issues of location and a time frame for “newly-licensed”.

To view the entire Banner Message, go to GAMMIS, select Provider Information, then Provider Notices and view the message entitled, “House Bill 44 Primary Care Rate Increase and Additional Provisions.”

For questions, contact Fozia Khan Eskew at the Georgia AAP office, or via phone at 404-881-5074. Thank you.