Census 2020

The resources below can help you advocate for census participation.

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Videos, activity sheets, posters
and stickers from Nickelodeon


Posters and Public Service
Announcements from Sesame Street

Sesame Workshop

Posters and other resources
from Count All Kids

Count All Kids

Data by zip code on children 0-4 years in hard to count and very hard to count tracts

ZIPs Fulll

AAP Voices article on the census and Pediatricians’ role

AAP Voices

Census information for families

Census Info for Families

Over $900 Million in Federal dollars is distributed annually based on the census. This supports programs like Medicaid, SNAP, Head Start and WIC.  As the country recovers from the economic devastation of the pandemic, more and more children will need these programs to ensure their health and welfare. See this site for 2016 funding:

American Academy of Pediatrics Georgia Chapter