March 23, 2016

gaaap-logo-thumbLast night, the Georgia General Assembly approved the state budget for Fiscal Year 2017.  The budget contains $26.2M in new funds for increased Medicaid payment to physician
practices. This is a tremendous win for pediatrics and moves us closer to eventual parity with Medicare rates.  The increases will impact 26 commonly used CPT codes and increase them to 100% of 2014 Medicare.  Additionally, the 6 codes which were increased last year to 90% of Medicare (the 99213 and the 5 well-child exam codes) will be increased up to 100% of Medicare.

We were joined in this important advocacy by the associations of our other colleagues in primary care—family medicine, internal medicine, OB/Gyn and DO’s.  We thank them for their efforts too.  The Governor’s signature on the budget is expected but may take 2-3 weeks following his review.  Thank you to all who contacted your state legislators and made this issue real to them; and one they needed to address to maintain a stable healthcare system in our state. The 2016 session will adjourn tomorrow at midnight.