WIC Infant & Child Formula Algorithm Webinar and Resources

The Committee on Nutrition will be unveiling its new Formula Algorithm for Children on Georgia WIC soon!  The Georgia AAP has been working with the Georgia WIC Program to develop a child formula algorithm to assist pediatricians and WIC Staff in the decision-making process of providing formulas for children.  This project is similar to the work that was done with the infant formula algorithm.  The algorithm, authored by Jay Hochman, MD, FAAP and Stan Cohen, MD, FAAP will be disseminated soon!

A webinar on the infant and child algorithm was presented September 29, 2017 by Jay Hochman, MD and Kylia Crane RDN, LD. To view the recording, click here.

The Georgia WIC Referral Poster

This poster was designed to remind practices to refer their patients to WIC. There are many eligible pregnant, postpartum women, infants, and children that can benefit from WIC if enrolled, yet many referrals are submitted just for infants that are  on special formulas that require a medical documentation form. A gap exists for the many patients that can benefit from all the resources and services that WIC provides. Click Here to download the poster.

If you’re interested in receiving a hardcopy of the Infant Formula Algorithm or Referral Poster, please contact Kylia Crane at kcrane@gaaap.org or 404-881-5093.

Georgia WIC Physician’s Kit Resources Available Online!