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gaaap-logo-stack-inv-tYour Chapter membership makes us a stronger voice here in Georgia for our patients and for pediatrics.  Please make retaining your Chapter membership a priority.  Also note, National AAP membership is nto required for Chapter membership.

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Some areas of Chapter focus right now include

  • Working to ensure Medicaid & PeachCare eligible children are properly enrolled in this important program.
  • Advocating for children’s health and safety issues at the state legislature.
  • Providing In-office physician education on breastfeeding, immunizations, developmental screening & other programs.
  • Advocating for improved reimbursement in Medicaid and fair private sector vaccine payment.
  • Supporting new AAP initiatives in oral health, mental health and quality improvement.

Join the Chapter!

If you are not a current member of the Chapter, we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to become a member of the Georgia Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics.  Here are 9 reasons you should join the chapter today!

1.  Chapter annual dues are only $190 per year.  (or less, depending on your member type!)

2.  In 2017, the Georgia Chapter received the American Academy of Pediatrics’ “Outstanding Chapter” award, in the Very Large Category.  The Chapter also received this award in 2009, 2004, 2000, 1996, and 1965.

3.  The Chapter continues to work with public health to improve and maintain high immunization rates.

4.  The Chapter is your voice in advocating for children’s health and safety issues at the state legislature.

5.  The Chapter continues to support a pediatric practice managers association (GPPMA) and nurses association (GPNA) for the ongoing education of these important colleagues.

6.  The Chapter has two annual CME meetings held in Atlanta and Amelia Island, Florida.  The Chapter also has EPIC peer to peer educational programs for breastfeeding & immunization.

7.  The Pediatric Foundation of Georgia continues to work to improve the lives of Georgia’s children and pediatric community.

8.  The Chapter publishes 3 issues of The Georgia Pediatrician each year, to keep its members informed on current and local news in pediatrics.

9.  The Chapter sends blastfaxes and blast emails to members keeping them up to date on important updates in pediatric practice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is membership in the Georgia Chapter automatic for national AAP members?
No. In the AAP, you can be a member of the national and not the state Chapter, and vice versa. The majority of our members are members of both: but we do have some members who belong to the Chapter but not to national.
Do I need to be board certified in pediatrics to join the Georgia Chapter?

No. Board Certification is not required to join the Chapter. However, you do need board certification  in pediatrics to join the national AAP.

What are the categories of membership at the Georgia Chapter?
The Chapter has the following member categories: Fellow ( a member of the national AAP also) , Affiliate ( a member of the Georgia Chapter only), Resident Fellow, Candidate Fellow ( years 1-7 following residency completion), Post Residency Training Fellow and Associate Member/Section Affiliate (pediatric dentists, nurses, PA’s).
What is the difference between a Fellow and a Candidate Fellow?
A Fellow is board certified in pediatrics and receives all of the Academy’s benefits. These benefits are as follows:


•  holding a national office position
•  voting
•  using the ‘FAAP’ designation
•  receiving a membership certificate
•  complimentary AAP manuals

A Candidate Fellow is not yet board-certified, but has completed a pediatric residency. Candidate Fellows have 7 years before they are required to become board-certified. They receive limited benefits, including a listing in the AAP Fellowship Directory and subscriptions to Pediatrics, AAP News and Health Kids.

How do I become a Fellow of the national AAP?
To become a Fellow, one must be board-certified by the American Board of Pediatrics. The Academy automatically sends all newly board-certified diplomats an application for membership, but any board-certified pediatrician may request an application by sending an e-mail message to or calling the Division of Member Services at 800/433-9016.
Can I pay my dues by credit card?
Yes.  If you wish to pay your Chapter dues only, please visit   If you would like to pay both National and Chapter dues, visit Please visit
When are the AAP and the Chapter membership dues due?

The date is based on your individual anniversary date.  Both National and Chapter Affiliate membership dues are billed on anniversary dates.  For example if dues are paid on September 1 the membership will expire on August 31st.

Can Pediatric Dentists, Nurses, and Physician Assistants join the Chapter?
Yes, they can join the Chapter as Section Affiliates. Also, Pediatric Dentists may join the national AAP as Associate Members.

Chapter Dues

Fellow – $190

Specialty Fellow (Specialty other than Pediatrics) – $190

Chapter Affiliate (Chapter Member but non member of AAP) – $190

Candidate Fellow (Maximum 7 years – post residency) – $135

Resident Member (Resident program in Georgia) – $0

Post-Residency Training Fellow – $65

Senior Member – $0

Medical Students – $0

Affiliate Associate (Nurses, PAs, Dentists (Chapter only), etc.) – $90

Associate Member (Pediatric Dentists, member of chapter and AAP) – $90

Both National and Chapter Affliate membership dues are billed on anniversary dates.  For example if dues are paid on September 1 the membership will expire on August 31st.

Dues remitted to the Georgia Chapter are not deductible as a charitable contribution but may be deducted as an ordinary and necessary business expense. However, 25% of the Chapter dues is not deductible as a business expense because of the chapter’s lobbying activity.  Please consult your tax advisor for specific information.