Mental Health Resources for Your Practice

We have compiled a list of mental health resources & tools that can provide you with additional information and guidance to address your patients mental health needs.  

Click directly on any of the categories below to access the resources we’ve curated.


ADDitude Mag

This website is designed for both providers and families for ADHD. It has resources including information on diagnosis and meds, toolkits, webinars. It also has resources for families for coping with ADHD at home, including strategies for different ages and different settings. The site also addresses some related/comorbid disorders. The site has a very user-friendly format, similar to online articles or blogs.

CHADD is an organization that provides education, advocacy, and support for professionals and individuals with ADHD and their families.

Guide to ADHD Psychoeducation 

A table with helpful psychosocial interventions for ADHD including accommodations which may be helpful at home and school.

 Vanderbilt ADHD Rating Scales

ADHD Screener


Find a CBT Therapist

Stand Up to Stress! 

A coloring and activity book for kids ages 8-12.


Guidelines for Adolescent Depression in Primary Care (GLAD – PC)

Depression Brochure 

This brochure provides information about depression including the different types of depression, signs and symptoms, how it is diagnosed, treatment options, and how to find help.